13th AOAFF: The greek premiere of this year's Palme D' Or "Anatomy of a Fall"

On Wednesday, August 23rd, the Athens Open Air Film Festival and the Athens International Film Festival, in collaboration with Spentzos Film, presented the nationwide premiere of this year's Palme d'Or, "Anatomy of a Fall" by Justine Triet at the AIGLI Zappeion.

The screening was introduced by the Artistic Director of AIFF, Loukas Katsikas, and was honoured with the glamorous presence of personalities from cinema, television and theatre, such as the actors Mihalis Tabakakis, Sissy Toumasi, Omiros Poulakis, Jeff Montana, Nikos Gelia, Christos Stergioglou, Argyris Pantazaras and Alexandros Perros, the directors Nikos Perakis, Angelos Frantzis, Giortzis Grigorakis and Natalia Argyrakis, Mary Retsina. 

The thrilling drama by Justine Triet, one of the most deserving Palmes d'Or awarded to a film in recent decades, thrilled the audience attending the packed premiere.

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The film will be released in theaters on August 31 by Spentzos Film.

Anatomy of a Fall (Anatomie d'une Chute)
Director: Justine Triet
Starring: Sandra Hüller, Samuel Theis, Swann Arlaud 

The gray areas in the lives of a couple and a marriage are brought to the surface in the most indiscreet way when the husband of a successful writer is found dead outside his home, the victim of a fall that may or may not have been self-inflicted. Immediately his German-born wife, and mother of their child, is considered a prime suspect. And it is left to the court to decide her innocence or not, whether her husband committed suicide or someone (maybe her?) pushed him to his death and whether the cold and unapologetic character of the author finally fits perfectly the profile of a cold-blooded killer. 

With a terrifically precise script that contains the mystery of a psychological thriller and holds several twists and turns of a classic courtroom drama, “Anatomy of a Fall” captures the viewer's attention from the very first minutes and continually renews it with a series of ideas that Triet and her co-writer, Arthur Harari, draw from their understanding of truth as a dangerously fluid concept. And of course the film's success and incisive effectiveness would not have been possible without the wonderful lead performance of Sandra Hüller ("Toni Erdmann"), who understands her layered heroine so deeply that she portrays her as both victim and perpetrator, a puzzle open to conjecture and even more vulnerable to interpretation. Loukas Katsikas

The screening was delightfully accompanied by Fischer beer.

After its theatrical release, the film will be shown on Novacinema channels.

The Athens Open Air Film Festival is a beloved summer cinematic event that is an integral part of the cultural experience for residents and visitors of the capital city. It is organized by the Athens International Film Festival and the Organization of Culture, Sports, and Youth of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA), with Nova as a major sponsor.

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    Publication date: 2023-08-25 17:23:37

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