Enter The Dragon (1973)

When: Wednesday 10th July | 21:30
Where: Former Fertilizer Factory Park - Drapetsona | Free Entry

Director: Robert Clouse
Cast: Bruce Lee, Jim Kelly, John Saxon, Kien Shih
Duration: 99'

In the 70’s a young man with a brutish appearance became the object of mass adoration around the world: Bruce Lee inspired an overwhelming following which was unprecedented for an actor with such few films under his belt and given his premature demise at the age of 32. The legend that is Bruce Lee was partly based on his imposing physical presence, reinforced by the unparalleled perfectionism that characterised his philosophy and performance of martial arts and topped by his spellbinding screen presence. Whatever he acted in, be it a TV series or film, became part of a rapidly developing cult mythology.

In “Enter the Dragon”, however, surrounded by an international cast, high-level production, the successful incorporation of Kung Fu in a spy thriller and the support of Warner studios, the legend was transformed into religious ecstasy. Robert Clouse, the director, exhibits exceptional professionalism suited to the genre of the film: the pace is right, there are many characters, there is a great soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin (which has since been re-sampled on numerous occasions) and is full of scenes which are real gems such as the battle at the end of the film which takes place in a room full of mirrors. 

What the film excels in, however, are the many fight scenes which are executed with ritualistic splendour and yet come across as realistic. The primary person responsible for all this was Bruce Lee who insisted on performing his own stunts no matter the danger. With the dedication of a perfectionist choreographer trying to determine his boundaries on screen, the actor, characterised by his feline-like maneuvers, always managed to bring his audience close to the action while simultaneously justifying his astounding moves as necessary and not an exaggeration.

This classic and high-grossing film exalts Bruce Lee’s masterful art and transcendental presence. Loukas Katsikas

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